5 Tricks to fix this common face mask Problem

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

Everyone has their own opinion on the use of face masks to prevent disease transmission, but this isn’t exactly a new trend. Those with allergies or compromised immune systems have utilized masks in public spaces for years.

However, whether you’ve been wearing a mask for years or have only recently adopted the habit, you might have noticed that your eyeglasses tend to become foggy. These five tricks can help you fix this annoying problem.

Choose a well-fitting mask.

Foggy glasses are caused by hot, moist air seeping out of the top of the mask. You can address this problem by ensuring your mask fits more snugly to your face. Try different types of face masks to identify one that better fits your face; the shaped ones are often better than the simple fabric variety.

Adjust your glasses.

Alter the nose pads so that your glasses sit a bit farther from your face. This allows moist air to escape, and reduces fogging.

Be aware that for those who wear progressive lenses, or have a strong prescription, changing the position of glasses can impact vision. This tip is better suited for those with more mild vision impairments.

Seal your mask.

A simple strip of double-sided tape can help seal your mask to the bridge of your nose. This will prevent your exhalations from traveling upward toward your glasses.

Clean your lenses.

Before you head out, take a moment to wash your glasses with warm, soapy water. Soap leaves behind an invisible film that encourages the water molecules in your breath to form a transparent layer.

Purchase anti-fog lenses.

If you’re due for a checkup anyway, now might be the time to ask your optometrist about anti-fog lenses. These can come in handy in a variety of situations, both now and in the future.