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There is a lot of Buzz around Annuities, especially from many highly critical financial advisors. However, is it possible that one of the most beneficial choices you can make regarding your retirement income is ensuring that income in your retirement will never be subjected to Stock Market Volatility, or Longevity which is a fancy way of saying – Out Living Your Money. The Turning 65 Advisor offers 13 years of industry engagement and consulting on annuities and how they provide against risks in your retirement. We will help you understand how in todays environment, Annuities should be part of almost every retirement portfolio to ensure guarantees on your income and protection against uncertainties.

How do annuities really work?

There are many types of annuities available but not all of them are designed to properly enhance your retirement income while making your money still completely yours at the end of the day. Nearly every annuity offers some sort of feature to give you income, but not all of them will allow you to access your principle once you have done so. Many annuities such as Variable still offset by stock market disruption although they can offer guarantee income. Fixed annuities offer fixed interest rates which can be very attractive in times when you feel the market may be highly vulnerable. They can also offer you guarantee income in 1 of two ways. The first way is through Annuitization and the second way being through an Income Rider which Guarantees your income for life. Another type of annuity we typically talk about is more of a hybrid annuity. This is what we believe is the future of all annuities. An Indexed Annuity offers contract guarantees on your income, interest rates, death benefit and also won’t lose a dime due to stock market correction, guaranteed.

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