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I recently had an opportunity to do an interview on my podcast with Rebecca Rocho. Rebecca is the Arizona Market Director for Dispatch health.

Dispatch Health

Before I go too deep into Dispatch Health and what they are all about, I want to share with you what I feel was my reasoning for this interview and why I so badly wanted to do it.

Buzzwords like COVID-19 I feel have finally started to lose their touch, which in a way is nice, after all; we are to be action people, not reaction people. It is critical that we look at things like this with a Level head and professionalism so we are not distracted or led astray by the emotionally driven buzzwords that derail our focus. So with that in mind, I mean this with the utmost solemn. COVID-19 is the reason.

I have truly wanted to ensure that not only for my family and friends but my business, my clients, my “homies” if you will; that we had access to the resources necessary for us to access -Timely and Convenient High Quality HealthCare. This can sometimes seem hard to achieve. For instance; there is a large immediate care, primary care and specialty imaging clinic very close to my home that is now closed. Why – well because so many other facilities are in deep need of extra help that they closed down this facility and are scheduling those in house physicians to re-locate temporarily to un-pressure the hinges at other overflowing facilities.

Before you decide to leave, I want you to know that this is not a blog about COVID-19, thankfully. Rather, this is me helping you understand that in todays world where COVID-19 has completely turned almost everything upside down, there are companies that are shining through in this somewhat dark time. Dispatch Health is one of those companies without a doubt, and this is why I sat down with Rebecca Rocho.

Dispatch health Is providing more value to many of my friends and family than I had originally anticipated. They are a mobile Acute and Urgently needed care provider on wheels. Dispatch health can often be at your home within 2 hours of you requesting care, but please remember; they are not a primary physician that will come to your home for routine visits. Dispatch Health serves in the event that you are seeking Convenient and Timely services. For example: when you want that COVID-19 test, you are showing symptoms but you don’t want to take the rest of going out to a facility for a test. They are there when you cut your hand up on the kitchen knife and need stitches but would rather not go to the Emergency Room. Dispatch Health is there when your Child or Grand Child might had an ear infection and the nearest clinic is closed for business (wink, wink,).

In the event that you have any inkling that the Urgent Care or Emergency room may be within your near future, I would highly encourage you call dispatch health to assist you. Full disclosure, they do not service all areas at this time of Maricopa county, but they are growing quickly.

Not delaying your healthcare and feeling safe in your environment is critical when you are unwell. I would advise you consider the best option for yourself. In the event that you do not know if Dispatch Health is the right way for you, they will refer you in a different direction if they are not the best fit..

Dispatch Health