Learn About Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plans

by | Nov 13, 2021 | Medicare Advantage

Individuals who are eligible for Medicare have a variety of plan choices to consider. One of these choices is the Medicare Advantage or Part C plan option. At The Turning 65 Advisor, we work with each of our clients to help them discover the best Medicare Advantage plans for their health needs and coverage requirements.

The Medicare Advantage plan rolls the hospital insurance or Part A and the medical insurance or Part B of Original Medicare into a program that offers additional benefits and features. In addition to Part A and Part B, most Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) also offer Part D coverage, which is for prescription medications.

The Benefits of a Part C Plan

The number of options in different Medicare Advantage plans can seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. It is helpful to consider your current health issues, any family health issues, and any anticipated health issues when reviewing your Part C plan options.

For example, some of the plans offer a range of dental, vision, and hearing benefits. If you wear glasses or contacts or require hearing aids, these plans can help save you in out-of-pocket costs. Most of these plans provide checkups, including dental, hearing, and vision exams, as part of their coverage.

Another feature for many on Medicare is the access to wellness and fitness programs through membership in the Medicare Advantage plans. The cost of annual fitness facility memberships and wellness programs is included with the premium.

We also walk you through your current healthcare providers to see if they are in-network with specific plans. We can also help you to choose a plan with an affordable premium to suit your budget. To get started, call us for a free consultation at 623-777-3315.